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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Huge post alert!
Two books I had work in for Paizo Publishing have come out recently, so I hope you enjoy!
Images for Beastiary II:

Phew! And the rest here are for their module Vaults of Madness. Enjoy!

As you can probably tell, the Beastiary II images were done prior to the Vaults of Madness, but I hope you enjoy 7-8 month old charm, anyway :)


Manuel Dupong said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing.

Cacodaemonia said...

Great assortment! It looks like the second one is based on Todd Lockwood's design from 3rd edition, am I right? :) It looks like it was a blast to paint.

Rich C said...

Now that's a nice collection of designs, very cool stuff all the way :D

Charlotte said...

How do you come up with all your beastly stuff?! It's like a sneak peak of hell but I'm feeling like heaven :o

Mayumi Elisa said...

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