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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera!

Well, a game I have been working on the last few months with pixelStorm Inc. has finally been released!
Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera!.

It's a take on the story "after" the fact, but I will let you guys either buy or try out the demo if you feel up for it. And I suggest you do, because we all worked hard on this one to make it as perfect as it can be. My job was pretty spread across the board, although mostly as an artist (duh).
I did work for some character splashes, some background detailing, puzzle construction, and all the UI elements (including cursors and title screen). In short I left my artistic footprint all over this thing, so if you like seeing my stuff it's worth checking out, eh?
Here are some examples of what I've worked on for the game, I've only been alloted a certain number of images for my "blog space", so please, enjoy!

This game was incredibly fun to be working on, and I've learned so much from all the hours spent on it. Not to mention it holds great joy for me, because I know how much effort was put into each and every picture/inventory item/UI element/puzzle/etc. It was a certain stretch of my abilities, but it's made me grow immensely. I can't be happier with the project.
So please, download the demo and enjoy yourselves!!


Hello! said...

Those look fantastic! Also, I hope you don't mind, but I'd love to link you on my sketch blog. I'm over at AmorphTheus.blogspot. Keep up the awesome art!

Shelby said...


I've been watching you on deviantART and this account for quite a while, and I must say you are an amazing artist and a great source of inspiration to me. I was wondering if you would tell me how exactly you got into the business of working on game art/interfaces and illustration. You see, I'm planning on going into the same fields and I've asked around and people seem to give the same answer: "Have a good portfolio,", "Work with editors and people who want to have you draw for them, ect." Although these are helpful comments, I'm looking for a more in-depth answer. What classes did you take in college? What did you major in? How did people find out about you and start hiring you to draw for them? If you want to respond, you can respond via my email. Thank you!

Shelby said...

Sorry, my email is morehouseshelby@gmail.com

Ana Maria Ursu said...

I've just finished the game, and I have to say that I love it! Totally!