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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some stuff!

Some misc:

Some practice with characters and whatnot:


Fox said...

Your environments are AMAZING. They're so detailed and they have a magical sense of presence that is absent from many scenic constructs. You manage to make the artwork feel organic and lived-in. Brilliant!

Riv said...

Thank you Fox! :)

Cacodaemonia said...

Oh, that first enviro is just gorgeous! The perspective and lighting look really nice. :)

Haha, I love that last one of your characters! I always love to see more of them.

Charlène Le Scanff said...

I think my favourite is the second illustration... Nice colors!

David Ryan Paul said...

Good lord. These are really nice Damien.

Damien M. said...

To Caco, Charlene, and DRP, thank you! I'm so glad you guys like them :) Means a lot to me!

Kevin Ingrassia said...

Woah, very cool! I like those environments. You wouldn't happen to be designing a game perhaps would you? I love the emotion you've invested in each of those characters as well. It's always inspiring to take a look at your work. Keep them coming! :)